Financial and investor relations


to drive positive perception

Expertly crafted investor communications

We help our clients express and achieve their financial ambitions through customised financial communications and investor relations programmes. Together we define goals, set agendas, plan activities, execute programmes and constantly measure success.


All clients have a strategic mandate to engage a wide spectrum of stakeholders and a financial community that includes both the buy-side and sell-side, proxy advisers, rating agencies, regulators, employees, partners, and others.


The need to broadcast, sometimes instantly, the right information, field questions, and receive market feedback is a necessity in today’s heavily scrutinised and regulated markets.


We represent our clients in delivering these mandates, by preparing the relevant collateral, determining the best channels, engaging the right people, and establishing feedback channels.


We also advise on building and sustaining robust financial communications and investor relations infrastructure to drive efficiency. Our processes and procedures consolidate and professionalise the internal communications and IR approach and allow for seamless measurement and recalibration.


Our services include:


• Financial calendar and regulatory reporting

• Corporate transactions

• Financial collateral

• Investor engagement

Updating market stakeholders


We function as an extension to in-house financial communications and investor relations teams in planning and producing communications around all corporate milestones.


We provide hands-on support in drafting documentation, preparing rehearsal sessions with management teams, and taking charge of media, investor and industry reactions for:


 • Company results and updates

 • Management changes

 • Regulatory filings

 • Strategy presentations



Every company goes through phases in its lifecycle.  That may be rapid growth and success. Or it may be a period of market turbulence. We work with you to balance the presentation of your company's financial and regulatory reporting to ensure you are addressing bother short term business performance and long term strategy.

We help you look over the horizon, to address fundamental shifts in the expectations of your investors.  For example, sustainability and ESG are of enormous and increasing importance, requiring a major focus in every corporate communications program. We support our clients in developing ESG messaging and reports as supporting evidence of their role as socially and environmentally responsible actors.

Quality documentation


Our specialist writers work with clients to produce the full range of financial documentation including:


 • Annual report production

 • Prospectus writing

 • Microsite creation


We can produce in multiple languages as a result of our expertise in translation services.


Annual report production


We provide annual report writing and design services with the aim of helping clients produce a fair, balanced, and insightful annual report that showcases their worldview, successes and outlook; while answering market questions on the short- and long-term prospects of the business.


Prospectus writing


We design and write content for IPO prospectuses for private and public capital raising initiatives, working with our clients’ internal teams and their other external advisers.


We produce both “red-herring” and final documents that comply with applicable rules and regulations, while providing an accurate representation of the client’s investment proposition to institutional or retail investors.


Microsite creation


Recognising that the web is the first point of information, we work with our clients to design professional investment and financial communications microsites as adjuncts to corporate websites.


These combine the elements of effective design, navigation and content, and articulate the investment thesis and value proposition.

Powering strategic growth


We provide expert, specialist, multi-lingual communications services that ensure maximum success for a wide variety of corporate activity, including:


 • Capital increase and rights issues

 • Mergers and acquisitions

 • Investment fund disclosures and announcements

 • Divestments and investments


The success of the communication around a transaction very often sets up the long-term strategic success of the transaction itself. We’re focused on delivering maximum impact for the short and long term.

It is often said that actions speak louder than words. But it's the words that explain the actions that really count.

Corporate transactions demonstrate, tangibly, a direction of travel as set by the company's leaders. We understand how crucial it is to land the explanation of strategic rationale with your audiences - to build confidence and set up future success.

Engaging stakeholders

Investor Engagement

In financial dealings that require a high level of personal trust and rapport, direct interaction with investors is essential. We work with clients to plan and execute direct investor engagements in multiple formats including:


 • Webcasts and online meetings

 • Events and showcases

 • Investor days and roadshows

 • Site visits


Each engagement is tightly planned and created to emphasise the overall purpose, character and positioning of the client.